Located in Bunbury we specialise in the treatment of anxiety, depression and eating disorders including emotional or comfort eating.


At New Growth Psychological Services we believe that the challenging times can be used as opportunities for personal growth and positive change.


Our aim is to have clients feeling emotionally stronger, wiser and more resilient as they work though and beyond their current circumstances and challenges.


We are passionate about supporting people to be at their vibrant best, enthusiastic about their lives and flourishing as they move towards their personal and professional goals.

Our psychologist conducts individual treatment as well as group therapy and workshops (all held in our Bunbury office). We can assist you in the following areas:


  • Weight loss so you can achieve your weight loss goals and feel happy in your body
  • Overcoming emotional eating so you can release the need to eat when stressed, angry, bored or upset
  • Managing the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress to move forward to a happier and more fulfilling life
  • Improving self confidence and self acceptance so that you can achieve your goals and accept yourself.


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Emma Watson

Bachelor of Psychology (1999)
Diploma of Education (2000)
Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis (2012)