Corporate Consultancy
Emma works with businesses and organisation of all sizes to improve staff motivation and work performance.


Signs of poor staff motivation include:
Waiting Room
  • Poor staff performance
  • Higher than average staff absenteeism rates
  • Low customer retention

If levels of staff motivation becomes chronic this can lead to:

  • Higher than average staff turnover
  • Staff burnout
  • Union desputes and lawsuits


Our core beliefs

At New Growth Psychological Services we believe that staff performance and motivation can be
significantly improved without necessarily paying people more.

We believe that a happy staff are a productive and motivated staff.

The results of our work with other organisations has included:

  • Increased staff performance
  • Reduced pressure on managers to sort out employee disputes, conflicts and problems
  • Reduced staff absentee rates


We generally work with organisations for a period of one to three months to achieve the required

Please contact Emma on our office number to organise a meeting to discuss your organisations needs.


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Emma Watson

Bachelor of Psychology (1999)
Diploma of Education (2000)
Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis (2012)